Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Know More About the Top 13

Know more about American Idol Season 13 Top 13. The top 10 was chosen by America and the top 3, C.J. Harris, Jena Irene and Kristen O'Connor were chosen by the judges.

1. Malaya Watson  - has a wide range of voice; has a lot of potential. I hope she picks the right song because I want to see her more in the show. I love her goofy personality. 

2. Sam Woolf - a simple guy with a simple voice and America voted for him. Likeable.

3. C.J Harris - needs to choose a song that will connect him with the audience if he wants to stay longer in the show.

4. MK Nobilette - the show's first openly gay contestant. She picked the right song that showcased her voice. 

5. Jena Irene - a top contender; has a great voice. Very talented. 

6. Dexter Roberts - a country singer. Weak contender. Performance is forgettable. 

7. Emily Piriz - got criticized by Harry Connick, Jr for song choice. Performance quite boring.

8. Majesty Rose - Very talented. Has a unique voice. Definitely a strong contender. I predict she and Caleb Johnson will be in the finale.

9. Ben Briley - Another country singer. Passionate singer. 

10. Alex Preston - has a unique voice. Unpredictable. Very talented.

11. Kristen O'Connor - chosen by the judges to be in the top 13. Got criticized by Keith Urban during Wild Card Performance but got lucky. She chose a safe song. 

12. Jessica Meuse - a fighter, determined to win. She has a great voice but the judges didn't like her song choice in the wild card performance. She has the potential to shine.

13. Caleb Johnson - a strong contender in the finale. He's comfortable performing on stage. He
has a great voice and the judges are impressed on how he performs. 

Who do you think are the strong contenders for this season? 

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