Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Disappointment

Last night's American Idol show was a disappointment. My two favorite contestants had a worst performance. As I was watching the show I began to feel excited and nervous. I can’t wait to see the performance of Ramiele Malubay and David Archuleta. I have mentioned in my last post that song choice is very crucial and it was. Ramiele' song is boring. Like Randy, I was waiting for her to do something that would showcase her talent but sad to say she might be in the bottom three. She has a great voice and she can do better than that. Hope she learn from last night's mistakes.
David Archuleta has the worst performance of his life when he forgot the lyrics not just once, no not just twice but four times. And why did he choose that song? Simon perfectly described his performance when he said that it was a mess. Anyway, David has a huge fan base and I'm sure he will not be voted off tonight.Who I think will be voted off? It will be Kristy Lee Cook. It was a wrong choice of song. She tried to infuse country style melody to the song but it was horrible. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for Ramiele.

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